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"Percision Technology for the Modern Warrior" 

Four Winds Technoly is very eager to feature Adam's Arms on this weeks Sunday Spotlight. 

When it comes to the AR-15 platform, its without argument that it has gotten a bit zestless. Everyone and their sister makes a version of the gun these days, and for the most part manufacturers just grab parts from here and there, slap on their brand and call it "brand-new". For many customers they're okay with it, but thats because they haven't gotten their hands on one from Adams Arms! Not only have they completely re-designed the gas system to use a piston instead of direct impingement, but they go to the trouble of making their own parts, barrels included. All very impressive if you ask us, but lets face it, the proof is in how well the gun actually performs. 

Adams Arms has a whole catalog of gear to offer us including uppers, kits, slides and other various parts and acceccories. We believe that the Adams Arms Piston System will provide you with superior performance and have lower maintenance costs than anything available on the market today. Additionally, the Retro-fit System offered by Adams Arms will save Law Enforcement, Military and Private Citizens thousands of dollars by offering a simple upgrade option, instead of the high cost of replacing their current weapons.

Give Adams Arms a chancce, and you'll be happy you did.