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We are so excited to showcase Flashbang Holsters on this weeks edition of Sunday Spotlight! 

It has been a real struggle for most women in the past to be able to conceal and carry without losing a sense of their femininity, amirite? Flashbang Holsters have found a way for woman to be able to conceal their weapons comfortably, disscreetly, and quite fashonably! We've all heard the phrase "carrying a gun should be comforting, not comfortable", but how about being able to dress like a lady AND have peace of mind knowing you're still portecting yourself and your loved ones? We absloutley LOVE this line of holsters geared towards women, and the fact each product is handmade right smack dab in the middle of the U.S of A!! 

Fear not men, Flashbang Holsters carries an abudance of holsters that can be worn comfortably and are able to conform to the wearers form. Made with soft leather and suede, these holsters come equipped with heavy duty clips making it possible to wear with our without a belt. The neat thing about this particluar company is making comfort and saftey their number one priority! 

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