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With only a $50,000 investment and a dream, Strum, Ruger & Co opened for business. The company’s exodus from gun-hostile New England to firearms-friendly North Carolina, demonstrates Ruger is truly willing to put the company’s money where its mouth is. All indications are that Ruger wants to use profits to improve its products and offer new firearms instead of simply popping out as many AR-15s as possible. 

Now while many companies are struggling to fill backorders, Ruger is able to innovate and explore regions of the firearms market it could only dream of in the past. Constantly developing new desings that are borderline conservative, Ruger keeps incorporating aspects of past successful designs, while trimming away portions shooters weren't impressed with. Ruger is continualy testing their new products to the point of exhaustion. For Strum Ruger this means putting every single  design through 50,000 rounds of testing interanlly before releasingto the public. 

60 years later there is no question which company is preeminent in the American firearms industry. Ruger's rise to its present well-earned position has made it a respected company on the New York Stock Exchange since 1990. Ruger produces millions of firearms each year for hunting, target shooting, collecting, self-defense, law enforcement, and government agencies.

Get yourself a Ruger today and see for yourself why Four Winds Technology is givng this amazing company our Sunday Spotlight seal of approval! 

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