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"We are shooters and we understand shooters. Every product we make reflects that fact."

Vernon Speer, the founder of Speer Bullets, started making bullets during World War II using spent .22 rimfire cases as jackets. At the time, civilian hunters/reloaders were unable to buy bullets due to military demand. Speer prospered and from such humble beginnings rose the respected Speer Bullets, one of the major U.S. bullet manufacturers. 

Although he initially focused on hunting rifle bullets, he also built the first mass-produced jacketed handgun bullets for hunting and law enforcement.  In the 1960s, he put some of those bullets into loaded ammunition in the now-famous Lawman® line. And today, Speer Gold Dot® is the most trusted duty ammunition for law enforcement.  They offer the same loads to civilians for personal protection that’s simply beyond compare. They still manufacture our products in the small city of Lewiston, Idaho. The original product lines have been expanded and new ones added. But through the changes, their formula for success has been constant: Determination, self-reliance and independence that show in all of their ammunition and components.

Check out Speer Bullets and see why we here at Four Winds Technology give Speer Bullets our Sunday Spotlight seal of approval!! 

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